FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You own the exclusive winemaking rights to the adopted parcel within the vineyard owned by the company.

It is a stock option contract, which becomes effective from the 10th year of participation in the project.

Once the contract is converted into shares, the shares are for life.

Each land contract has a minimum term of 20 years. After that, they can be converted into lifetime shares, which are inheritable and transferable.

No, there are no mandatory costs. The year I want to turn my grapes into wine, I pay the winemaking costs, that include shipping.

Yes, you will be entitled to compensation for the residual value of the contract according to the termination conditions.

Yes, always through us as intermediaries, to ensure compliance with KYC regulations regarding money laundering and terrorist financing.

It will be possible from the 5th year, with some restrictions and from the 10th year without restrictions.

Yes, they can be purchased, at €40 a bottle. As a member, your cost is approximately 25% of that value.

Yes, in any form, respecting the minimum prices established in the contract.

We handle all the details of shipping the wine to your country of residence.

Yes, for example if you own a MOSAICO, where you are entitled to 144 bottles, you can purchase more at €20 for each extra bottle you desire. The same for a QUADRO or TERROIR.

Yes, if one year you do not wish to receive the quantity of wines you are entitled to, you have two options.

You can order less quantity in multiples of 12, accommodating the costs to the total amount ordered.

Or you can ask us to send you a certain quantity and we will store the surplus in our cellar in Oria.

The contract conditions enable us to buy grapes in case the production in Oria is not sufficient to produce wine for the members.

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